King Diamond – Discography Albums 320kbps


Albums [Originals]
1986 a�� Fatal Portrait
1987 a�� Abigail
1988 a�� The Dark Sides [EP]
1988 a�� Them
1989 a�� Conspiracy
1990 a�� The Eye
1991 a�� In Concert 1987 a�� Abigail
1992 a�� A Dangerous Meeting
1995 a�� The Spidera��s Lullabye
Black Rose a�� 2001 a�� 20 Years Ago a�� A Night Of Rehearsal
2002 a�� Abigail II a�� The Revenge
2002 a�� Nightmares In The Nineties
2003 a�� The Best Of King Diamond
2003 a�� The Puppet Master
2004 a�� Deadly Lullabyes a�� Live
2007 a�� Give Me Your Soula�� Please



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